The Full Basket Mochi Durian Chocolate/巧克力榴莲麻薯

Storage Temperature:
-18’C or Below
请置于 -18’C 或以下冷冻保存

Net Weight/净重:
120g (30g x 4 Pieces/粒)

Shelf Life/有效期至:
12 Months/月

Serving Method/食用方法:
Allowed The MOCHI to thaw for 10-15 minutes before consuming it. Once thawed, please consume within 24 hours – DO NOT Refreeze
食用方法: 将本产品放置于室温解冻 10-15 分钟即可享用,一旦解冻,请在24小时内食用完毕,不要再次冷冻。



榴满满黑巧克力榴莲麻薯是传统与现代的美味小吃。浓郁的榴莲香气带着满满的巧克力口感, 吃出疗愈的心情。

The soft and chewy snowskin with the rich taste of durian and chocolate compliment each other that brings you a heavenly food experience. This dark chocolate durian mochi is the comfort food that heals your craving.