The Wheel of Love/摩月之爱

Net Weight/净含量
6 pieces of Musang King Durian Snowy  Mooncake
360g (60g x 6 pieces)
360克 (60克 x 6粒小包装)

Serving Method/食用方法
Allow the mooncake to thaw for 10 to 15 mins before consuming it. Once thawed, please consume within 24 hours. DO NOT REFREEZE.
食用方法: 将本产品放置于室温解冻 10-15 分钟即可享用,一旦解冻,请在24小时内食用完毕,不要再次冷冻。

Storage Method
-18’C or below.
请置于 -18’C 或以下冷冻保存

Shelf Life/有效期至
12 Months/月


Musang King Durian Snowy Skin Mooncake

The delicate snowy skin wraps around the luscious Musang King durian filling, creating a harmonious blend of flavors. With every bite, you’ll be elevated to a snowy paradise, where the richness of the durian meets the coolness of the moonlit night. Let this exquisite creation be a symbol of your appreciation for the finer things in life and a reminder to cherish the precious moments of togetherness.

6 pieces 粒/box 盒
(60g each/每粒60克)

*6 Pure Musang King Durian Snowy Mooncake


重量 360 g