Our senior management comprises a group of talented and experienced leaders who provide practical and best-in-practice guidance, allowing us to position BEHO FRESH as the fastest growing durian-related enterprise in Malaysia.


An accomplished entrepreneur with more than 20 years of industrial production successes, Mark is still driven in identifying and pursuing potential businesses. His knowledge and expertise in setting up companies have resulted in fruitful endeavours, as he meticulously identifies, assess and invests in prudent due diligence of the specific category of industry that he would want to pursue. His profound managerial qualities, aside from his business prowess has enabled him to foster effective team work with the Board of Directors and staff, while planning efficient strategies that are ingenious and profitable.

Before assuming his current role as Managing Director of BEHO Fresh Sdn Bhd, Mark worked in the insurance sector where he was able to focus on building his considerable network that would elevate his status from a budding entrepreneur to a proven entrepreneur within a span of less than 10 years. He went into the luxury car business soon after and was responsible for RM15 million worth of supercar sales for 2016, where he also oversaw the continuous training of his team members and equipping them with specialised skillsets required to deal with society’s elite.

Never one for staying idle, Mark is constantly on the lookout for new businesses which he then successfully penetrates to ensure the sustainability of the operations and profit. His ability to seek out such businesses is only second to his capability of ensuring they are scalable while maintaining high profit margins with overall maximum efficiency. BEHO Fresh is indeed the solid proof of Mark’s remarkable capability in business. In 2017, he established BEHO Fresh, a venture that merges plantation & agriculture-based economy with the famous F&B sector. He surely broke the record when BEHO Fresh was the first in Malaysia to deliver the first shipment of frozen durian to Shanghai, China in 2019.

The following year, he invested in building a bird nest processing plant in China and BEHO Fresh became the first company to export whole frozen durian to China in 2019. Mark created wonders in 2019, he formed his team and opened up an office in the heart of China and also, he invested in an ice cream factory. He discovered and ventured into a variety of businesses under BEHO Group. To date, the agricultural businesses that are operating under this umbrella are bird nest, logging, melon, watermelon, durian, mango and more.

Mark vows to establish an agricultural-based empire and conquer the world market one day. With his experiences and strong connections with China, he is able to attract more resources and capital investment into Malaysia’s development industry. Hence, Beaks Development is truly proud to have him on-board.


Having started his career in the technology sector with Yahoo! in San Francisco Benny brings with him wealth of project management skills which he acquired while working on the development of Yahoo! Personals and Yahoo! Messenger.

His 4 years with Yahoo! gave him a unique perspective and a pragmatic approach to deploying essential software with the right hardware where as Director of BEHO Fresh Sdn Bhd, he is currently architecting a nexus of next-generation communications platform for the various companies and divisions. This shared services network will automate call centers, accounting services, business processes, HR and IT giving BEHO Fresh the bleeding edge advantage over its competitors.

Throughout his professional career, Benny has been involved with mentoring other project managers to accelerate the development of their core functionalities. His leadership and deep understanding of every layer of the corporate world has allowed him to position the company to be involved in various other industries and taking them in the direction where he is able to project international growth at a scale faster and bigger than his contemporaries.